Lynn Rankin-Esquer, Ph.D., author and psychologist


Finalist in the 2014 San Francisco Writers Conference Contest.

Kindle Book Review, 2014 Kindle Book Awards Semifinalist  

What do you do when . . . .

 Mean Girl Queen Bee Barbie chooses you as her favorite target at school, your best friend defects to MGQBB’s dance squad, and your parents’ marriage is falling apart (possibly due to a family secret that is destroying your mother)?

Pretend to be someone else. 

While trying to find some kind of escape from her stressful life, 14 year old Jacqueline Carson discovers that the characters in her beloved books might just hold the key to saving her parents, triumphing over mean girls, and maybe even getting the boy.

For readers 14 or older (some sexual content, profanity).

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